Strech for Data Engineers

Data Engineers are the skilled people responsible for the entire data ecosystem in the organization.

Instead of working your way through the clouds, Apache Kafka, NiFi, AirFlow, Backup, Monitoring, etc...

Start to Strech :)

Ready-to-use toolbox
Complex data pipelines in minutes




Data Store

Reuse components

Insert custom code

Data Retention

Embedd your entire stack in Strech

Apache Kafka
Apache nifi
apach airflow

Schema Transformation

No more hardcoded schemas.

Maintain your data schemas across your entire application in a single place.

If any changes needed, you can do it instantly across your entire pipelines.

Analysis in transit

Our secret sauce.

Instead of post-processing your data at rest,

you can choose your required function from our toolbox or write your own, and ingested data will be analyzed by it while in transit to your destination.

OCR, Statistics, NLP, Computer vision, and more.


24/7 Support

We offer our premium users a 24/7 platform and data engineering world-class support to help you achieve your goals.


Data is the artery of any modern application or organization and should be monitored accordingly.

Strech will alert you via email for any failure or unexpected event in one of your pipelines.

Built for scale

Strech is great for big data or smaller workload types and constantly battle-tested for millions of records in a second.

Managed Service

Focus on your product, value, and time-to-market,

Less on complicated infrastructure, expensive resources, and required skills.