Data framework as a Service

We help you build
data bridges.

Collecting and Analyzing data from various sources is a tough job.

It requires code, infrastructure, security, monitoring, and skills.

But there is the Strech way :)

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How it Works

Meet Strech.

An all-in-one framework for data collection and analysis

Raw Data In
Graphical wizard with equipped toolbox
Ready Data Out

No code

Fast Onboarding



Stream & Batch

Strech is the bridge between data sources and destinations.
Sources and destinations can be APIs, Databases, or Files, and with ease of use, data can be pushed towards Strech or pulled by it.

Why Strech

Put Strech to work. Invest your resources where it's needed


Build data bridges the Strech way

User interface

Adjust the source schema to your destination in seconds.

Strech platform provides a friendly user interface equipped with all the needed functions to transform and align each source under the required schema.


Our mission is to release you from the pain of making sure your data flow is alive.

Monitoring in a click of a button

Data retention by choice

Strech alerts
Strech Ready analysis functions

Analysis Included

With Strech, You are not just collecting data. You can also analyze it while in transit. 




Image recognition

Use Cases

What can be achieved with Strech?

Strech goal is to provide you an ecosystem for building your own custom data use cases. You can be an Academic researcher, Data engineer, Entrepreneur, Developer, Analyst, or a Marketplace. 
We will provide you all the needed tools to start ingesting data in minutes.

Academic researches

Data Migrations


Connect your app with 3rd parties

Edge Processing

Social Networks

Analyze customers feedbacks

Custom BI tool


Replace Hard-coded pipelines

Connect with partners

Our Community

Why companies like Strech?

"Strech feeds our research with data"

Academic research focuses on Biofuels.
Data is a critical factor for the research. Instead of burning resources and time to collect and analyze data from various sources, Roi used Strech to do so.


Roi Peretz
Ph.D. Environmental Engineering.

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