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Stream and aggregate large-scale data. Transform and analyze data while in transit from different sources to destination.

We help organizations of all types to create complicated data collection and analysis use cases in minutes.

A single platform for...

nsci.io data fabric

Data Fabric

A single place for all your data interfaces. Monitored and secured. Any type of client can join in and start consuming data from your configured sources.

nsci.io data stream

Data Stream

Ability to stream and push data towards your Strech pipeline with unprecedented performance. Great fit for real-time, event-driven, or monitoring applications.

nsci.io transform data


Avoid breaking your data pipeline. Change, add, merge, split the schema of your data into your application, or analysis functions anticipated schema in seconds.

nsci.io data analysis


For unleashing the real capabilities of data, collection and analysis abilities must be located at the same location. Use Strech for both your collection and analysis requirements at the same pipeline.

A single tool for both worlds

Make data much more accessible for developersdata engineers, and Applications

David, Developer

Anna, Data Engineer



Developers usually don't like working with data.
Our vision is to create features and user experience for the brave developers out there who need to fight their way through Apache Kafka, AirFlow, Nifi, Flint, and Druid, data studios and more.

We got your back!

Data engineers are the heart who pumps data into our organization.
We can make your work much easier, secure, with 100% data integrity.
Required to use different analysis tools without breaking your pipelines? Analyze thousands of streams? Change database schema?
We can help you.

Hardcoded pipelines/data collectors are one of the biggest challenges applications hold.

Applications can use Strech platform for offloading that task.

Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 23.46.05.png
Change data schema in lightning-speed
Single control plane for all your data pipelines
We constantly improve our integrations. Coming next: Redis API, videos and images, Hadoop
Great for multiple types of use-cases.

Popular Use-cases


Event-driven Applications

An event-driven application is a stateful application that ingests events from one or more event streams and reacts to incoming events by triggering computations, state updates, or external actions.

Examples: Streaming, Pro-Active Monitoring applications, Marketing applications, Analyze user's behavior Text-to-speech, image and video recognition and actions, AI based identification, OCR.








Push data

Your Strech pipeline can act as the target for API endpoints, release you from the heavy-lifting of creating a suitable backend.

It reveals a world of possibilities.

Examples: RapidAPI users can transform and analyze API payloads using the Strech pipeline, The target for WIX webhooks, and much more.


Real-time data enrichment

Strong data enrichment processes are a key part of building the golden customer record. One dataset by itself, no matter how detailed, doesn’t include every piece of behavioral or transactional data needed to build a comprehensive single view of the customer.

Examples: Machine learning, Target consumers, Marketing purposes.


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